The effect of essential oils

Scientifically proven benefits

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy to improve both physical and mental health. Each naturally pure essential oil is comprised of specific molecules that belong to different biochemical families. These molecules not only determine the unique aroma of the oil, but also its other key characteristics. As a result, the oils offer countless beneficial possibilities. For example, they can purify, relax, stimulate or even have a soothing influence of the airways.


Scientifically observed and verified effects of the diffusion of essential oils:

  • Soothe the throat and airways
  • Unblock the nose, so that breathing becomes easier
  • Improve sleep
  • Stimulate concentration
  • Provide calm, purify the air, repel insects

Discover some of the methods of use

The effect of the essential oil is dependent on the way it is used. Diffusion is one of the most well-know methods for spreading a pleasing aroma in work and living spaces. The inhalation of the oil exercises a specific effect on the body. However, essential oils are also ideally suited for use during an invigorating massage, a relaxing bath or a refreshing shower. There are even essential oils that can be ingested orally.

Signals to the brain

With diffusion, molecules of the essential oil enter the body through the nose, where their presence is detected by special receptors. These receptors can distinguish between 10,000 different aromas. The nasal or olfactory system is linked directly with the brain via the tractus olfactorius (= olfactory tract). This means that the receptors in the nose can send signals directly to the limbic system (responsible for emotion, motivation, pleasure and the emotional memory) and the hypothalamus (responsible for the regulation of the body's hormonal systems).

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Quality oil

How do you know if your bottle of oil is of good quality? What do you need to watch out for when you are buying it? And which labels are important?

Everything about quality


Essential oils are highly concentrated. Make sure you know how to use them properly before you start. Here are some important tips.

What you need to know