Aroma diffuser


Aroma diffuser

  • Cold micro-dispersal of essential oils
  • Battery duration: 5.5-6.5h
  • Use in the car

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Discover the power of the cold micro-dispersal of essential oils! This unit diffuses essential oils in millions of micro-particles in the form of an aromatic spray. These super-fine aromatic particles are easily taken in and absorbed by your airways. They have a beneficial effect on your health. Depending on the essential oil you use, this mist-like spray will relax you, stimulate you, or help you to breathe more easily. It also has two important effects on the air in your rooms: it purifies and... gives a subtle and pleasant fragrance. Suitable for use in all living areas in your home, as well as changing rooms, offices, hotels, hospitals, beauty salons, etc.

For detailed user instructions: see package leaflet. Precautions: see package leaflet.

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Inspiration: Creating a relaxing atmosphere

3 drop May chang

2 drop Green mandarin

2 drop True lavender

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Product info


Diffusion mode Intermittent mode: 20 sec on and 60 sec off
Recommended space +/- 12 m²

External characteristics

Dimensions 99 x 100 x 190 mm
Water reservoir n.v.t.

Technical specifications

CNK 4550-430
EAN-code 5412360020676


1. Place the diffuser on the horizontal surface and open the diffuser nozzle from the casing by pulling it upwards.

2. Open the bottle with essential oil and place it in the diffuser nozzle.

3. Screw the bottle into the diffuser nozzle.

4. Close the diffuser nozzle. Pay attention to the mounting direction and the metal contact.

5. Press the on/off switch to start the intermittent mist mode.

6. The diffuser has a built-in Li battery. When the battery is flat, connect the USB cable and put the plug into an electricity socket.

Control functions

On/off switch
1 click: interval of 10 sec on and 30 sec off
2 clicks: interval of 20 sec on and 60 sec off
3 clicks: turn off

Download the manual