How can you recognise a good quality essential oil?

Good essential oils satisfy a number of criteria that guarantee their quality. Preferably, they should be derived from organically grown plant parts and flowers, and should be produced in the most sustainable manner possible.

DROP's choice

At DROP, we work closely with the essential oils of Physalis and Oak Organic. They provide the quality guarantees listed below, are the holders of a bio- or eco-guarantee label, and have an extra-long shelf life thanks to their superior protective packaging.

Physalis essential oils

Available in most health food stores.

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Oak Organic essential oils

Only available from pharmacies.

Quality guarantees

  • 100% pure, natural and organic oils do not undergo chemical processing and no additional substances are added during the production process.
  • 100% pure oils are not modified, not diluted (= mixed with other essential oils), and not rectified (= adjusted to a standard composition by means of chemical products or redistilled to achieve a higher concentration of certain components).
  • 100% authentic oils are not reconstituted and not deterpenated (= removal of terpenes).
  • Good quality oils are botanically identified and biochemically specified (chemotype). The identification of the chemotype is particularly useful, because the composition (and therefore the specific effects) of an essential oil can vary significantly, depending on the climate in which its source plant was grown, its geographical origin, the soil type, the variety, etc.
  • Each batch is subjected to strict quality control by means of chemical (gas chromatography is used to determine the composition and the ratios of the different component elements) and physical (density, refractive index, optic rotation) analysis , with additional organoleptic checks (smell, flavour) also being applied.
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Quality labels

There are a number of quality labels that confirm the quality of essential oils. These include the European bio-label or the eco-guarantee label. This authenticates the biological origin and the environmentally friendly production of the oil. Check this before you make your purchase.

Well packaged = lasts longer

If you opt to buy a good quality essential oil, you want that good quality to be preserved for as long as possible. In this respect, the packaging plays an important role. Good packaging protects the oil against oxidation, which can occur when it is exposed to (sun)light.

If oils are stored in a bottle made from dark glass, they retain their effectiveness for much longer. Bottles made from Miron Violet glass (100% recyclable) allow the penetration of much less sunlight than ordinary brown glass and provide an ideal protective barrier for essential oils. Moreover, this also makes it possible for the oils to be kept for longer without the need for an outer cardboard packaging.

met miron violet glas blijft de kwaliteit van de inhoud behouden

The effect of essential oil

  • Important beneficial effects for both body and mind
  • Powerful and purifying
  • Skin care 

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Safe diffusion

Essential oils are highly concentrated. Make sure you know how to use them properly before you start. Here are some important tips.

What you need to know