A mix of oils for every moment of the day

The diffusion of essential oils is an easy way to experience their beneficial effects and their pleasing aromas. Let yourself be inspired by the following recipes.

These recipes have been primarily compiled for use with diffusers that have a water reservoir.  If you use the recipes with a Urban diffuser, which disperses vapour directly from the bottle, increase the quantities with a factor of 20. We wish you lots of diffusing pleasure!

vrije neus verstuiving

A free nose and a free feeling

2 drop Wild mint

2 drop Eucalyptus globulus

Diffuse this synergy of essential oils so that you can once again breathe freely and easily.

wandeling in een dennenbos

A walk in the woods

1 drop Eucalyptus globulus

2 drop Cajeput or Scots pine

drop Red thyme

You have probably already experienced the healing properties of pine oil. During a walk in a pine woods, you can smell the oil from the trees and you immediately start to breathe more freely.

ontspannende verstuiving

Creating a relaxing atmosphere

drop May chang

2 drop Green mandarin

drop True lavender

Find complete and total rest with this relaxing synergy of essential oils.

insecten op afstand houden met deze essentiële olie

Keeping insects at bay

drop Citronella grass

drop Lemon eucalyptus

drop Lemongrass

The aromatic fragrances of this synergy keep insects at a distance. It is a pleasing aroma to diffuse during a warm summer's evening or a family barbecue, although it can also be useful in the bedroom.

vrije ademhaling voor kinderen verstuiving

Greater winter resistance for children

drop Eucalyptus smithii

drop Eucalyptus radiata

The diffusion of this mild synergy is ideal for children who easily get sick during the winter.

zuiverende mix inspiratie diffuser

Pure air for every living space

drop Green mandarin

drop Scots pine

drop Eucalyptus radiata

Diffuse these essential oils if you want a pure space in which to live.

kaneel olie geur kerst

The scent of Christmas in your home

drop Cinnamon

drop Scots pine

drop Cypress

drop Orange

Make the most wonderful time of the year even more wonderful by diffusing the sweet and warm aromas of essential oils in your living room.


Clear mind

drop Clove

drop Rosemary ct. cineol

drop Peppermint

drop Patchouli

Is your attention constantly distracted? Do your thoughts keep wandering off? This synergy will give you greater concentration and focus.

vastzittende hoest verlichten

Relieving a persistent cough

drop Rosemary ct. verbenone

drop Rock rose

This synergy has a soothing influence on the throat and the airways, and will help to loosen that persistent cough.

The effect of essential oil

  • Important beneficial effects for both body and mind
  • Powerful and purifying
  • Skin care

Read more about essential oils

verstuiving vrije ademhaling voor kinderen

Little dreamer

drop Eucalyptus radiata

2 drop English lavender

Diffuse this mild synergy in the bedroom of your little ones, so that they can breathe easily during the night.

always zen inspiratie diffuser recept

Always zen

drop Frankincense

drop Ylang ylang

drop Bergamot

drop Cedar

Zen stands for harmony, calm, contemplation and benign acceptance of what is. It is a search for inner peace. The right fragrances can help put you in the right harmonious and peaceful mood.

vrije ademhaling inspiratie recept diffuser

Diffusion for easy breathing

drop Silver fir

drop Cajeput

drop Myrtle

Diffuse this soothing synergy if you want to breathe easily and purify the air around you.

inspiratie recept goed humeur verstuiven

Good mood

drop Neroli

drop May chang

Find inner calm and contentment with this fresh and pleasingly fragrant synergy. Its inhalation will put you in a good mood and help you to face the day with a positive approach.

diffuser verspreidt geur in huis

A wonderful fragrance in your home

Create a relaxed atmosphere for each and every room or space.

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