The power of cold micro-diffusion

Diffusion can take place in different ways. You can opt for an ultrasonic diffuser or for a diffuser that works with air pressure. One requires water, the other does not.

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Diffusers with or without water

Micro-atomisation or micro-diffusion is the dispersal of millions of micro-particles in the form of an aromatic vapour. These ultra-fine aromatic particles are easily absorbed by the body's airways. There are two different methods of micro-diffusion: ultrasonic dispersal or dispersal by air pressure.

Ultrasonic diffusers use ultrasonic waves to disperse a mixture of water and essential oil. This creates millions of micro-particles that are 'sprayed' into the air of the space in question as a fine aromatic vapour.

Diffusers that work with air pressure do not require the use of water. The essential oil is dispersed directly from the bottle in which it is contained. The air pump in the diffuser blows air. This forms a kind of vacuum that creates a pressure difference that allows the essential oil to be sucked out of the bottle via a tube. The oil is then forced out of the diffuser in the form of micro-particles, together with the compressed air.

Quality oil

How do you know if your bottle of oil is of good quality? What do you need to watch out for when you are buying it? And which labels are important?

Everything about quality


Essential oils are highly concentrated. Make sure you know how to use them properly before you start. Here are some important tips.

What you need to careful about